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CAP desktop virtualization solution:
Abadata CAP
Freedom to access your technology from any device, anywhere.........
CAP Simplifies IT and upgrades security by allowing end users easy access, from any device, to their desktop, software applications, email and data stored in the cloud. All this is delivered from an enterprise class data center, and managed on-demand.
We start by working with you to create the platform you need
Then we layer in the products you need
OF course now you never have to worry about  security, backups, viruses or network threats anymore - we take care of it for you!
Abadata CAP is business infinity!
Simply log into your CAP-Desktop Workspace to access your applications and data
You have the same experience from PC, Mac, tablet or smartphone, or any device with remote desktop for a browser.
It eliminates the need to actively manage applications and back office infrastructure
Changes to your company’s IT are managed quickly and easily with our control panel
Support options include options including one or more of Business Day Service/Help Desk—up to 24/7/365
Abadata CAP Means:
 No matter where you are or what device you’re using, you are connected
Access files and applications from anywhere on any device
Consistent work experience across users’ desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones
Quick and easy to access with responsive performance
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