Questions Customers Ask!

1 - I want to buy a Dell Computer how can you help me?

Abadata is a Dell Preferred Partner. You can order your new Dell directly through Abadata for great pricing and service

2 - Can you help me back up my data on my computer or network?

Yes we can, Abadata is has a Partner Program available that can  help you with all your data backup needs.

For more information on Abadata Snapback Click here

we can also recommend other types of back up services - please call Abadata on 989 883 3411 to talk with a technician

3 - Can Abadata help me keep my information secure?

Yes we can, Abadata is a Watchguard Partner and can supply you with everything you need to keep your data secure.
For more information on Watchguard click here

we can also recommend other types of back up services - please call Abadata on 989 883 3411 to talk with a technician

4 - Do you sell telephones and telephone systems?

Yes we do, in fact we are one of the largest Panasonic VOiP Telephone Installers in the mid west States.

We sell, Install, maintain and are partners with:



Freedom Voice






5 - How fast can you help me?

With AVT (Abadata Virtual Tech) capability we can help you straight away.  Our technicians will show you how to connect to Abadata with your computer.

Once a secure connection is made our technicians can check through your computer, make edits, clean up problems, solve issues for you while you watch! You can also stay on the phone if you wish and talk with the technician whilst they explain what they are doing for you.

When the technician has completed the task you will be able to disconnect.  

Abadata can only make a connection with you on your computer when YOU allow us access

6 - I think my computer has a virus, can you help me?

Yes we can!

We can offer and install virus protection software for you

We can clean up your computer/laptop and delete viruses/spyware/malware for you.

You can bring your computer into the office (we are open Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm)

You can call Abadata 989 883 3411 and set up a time for one of our qualified techs to visit you

You can have one of our Certified Technicians connect remotely to your laptop/computer to see

what the problem is and offer a variety of solutions immediately.

7 - Do you sell computers?

Yes we do. In fact we sell only new computers!

Abadata is a reseller and partners with a variety of excellent manufacturers including Dell, Acer, Brother, Panasonic, HP and more.

Abadata always has great deals available (see our Online store) we regularly update our specials.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, give Abadata a call on 989 883 3411 and ask for Kell, Nicki or Lindy.

Tell us your needs and we'll get you what you need!!!

Our pricing is excellent and we have over 32 years experience of business success in Michigan.

8 - Can you help me with a website?

Yes we can!

We Host domains and sites
We do domain and em
ail management
We build design, maintain, websites
We design professional graphics

Our professional team of web developers and designers will help you to choose what kind of website will work best for you. We offer different packages to suit. More information can be found by clicking here.

Abadata's professional and dynamic websites are completely manageable by either the customer or by our experienced staff at Abadata and we also offer different levels of training to suit your needs.

Abadata maintains and hosts hundreds of sites on our secure and reliable servers.


Call us for pricing and packages available - Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm and ask for Lindy - 989 883 3411

9 - Where are you located?

Abadata's store and office is located at 649 South Unionville Road, Sebewaing, Michigan, 48759.  

All deliveries must be to this address.


Our Billing address for all correspondence, invoices etc is: 567 Brunswick St, Sebewaing, MI, 48759

10 - Do you recycle computers?

Yes! Abadata will accept PC's for recycling. When a used PC is brought to Abadata we have a technician assess the best course of action for the PC's new life. Some PC's are used to supplement parts from others to make a complete and functioning computer. Some newer fully operational machines are cleaned up, tested and put back into service as they are. Others are dismantled, hard drives destroyed and sent to the salvage yard. As much as possible we avoid sending computer parts to the land fill. Once we have a fully operational machine we donate it to a benevolent organization or individual. Benefactors in the past include churches,schools, organizations such as non-profits and occasionally individuals with special needs.

Used computers are recyled in our community outreach programs such as the computer lab we built for an inner city school that could not afford to pay teachers or purchase computers. We are always looking for new projects for computers that still have a future.

Abadata never sells used computers or computers assembled from used parts. This is a pledge that we have kept since our very first day in business.

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