Employment Position Web Design Assistant

Web Design Assistant


Are you a creative and busy person who loves multi-tasking and being part of a great team?

We are looking for someone with some idea of Web Design who is comfortable with IT, social media, and working with people.

This person will be part of a team who are responsible for creating great websites for our clients. (and yes, we train)!

Primary duties include learning to create web pages and social media ideas for client websites.

To succeed in this role, you must have some experience with software like Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Express.


• Communicating with clients to understand their web needs.

• Testing and improving the design of the website.

• Timely input of updates for clients' websites.

• Designing visual imagery for websites and social media and ensuring that they align with client branding.

• You must be a great multi-tasker.

• Have a willingness to learn new skills and have some design flare.

• Answer phones - at Abadata, it's a team thing.

• You must like IT, have good people skills, have dabbled with web design, and be familiar with Social Media.

• Must be a self-starter.

• We are willing to train the right person. Qualifications:

• Ability to be part of a great team and willingness to learn.

• Some Proficiency in graphic design software, including Adobe Suite, i.e., photoshop and adobe express.

• Good understanding of Social Media.

• Good understanding of search engine principles and browsers.

• Creative ability and open to new ideas.

• Important – good communication skills.

Additional Requirements

How To Apply To apply:

An application form is available at https://www.abadata.com/images/pdf/Abadataappform.pdf

Or Email Resume to Abadata Computer Corporation at lindy@abadata.com. For questions, call (989) 883-3411.

Call us on 1 (989) 883 3411