A Great Lunch and Learn Success for Abadata and WatchGuard - Lapeer at E.G. Nick's - June 2018! 
Left to right: Jon Dimock - (Abadata Sales), Ray Phillips (Abadata CTO), Lindy Wineman (Abadata Web/HR/Marketing), Dave Wineman (Abadata CEO), Elaine Kelley (WatchGuard Field Marketing Manager Central US), Bryan Vedrody (WatchGuard Channel Acount Manager Great Lakes), Shown below-in action - Michael Pearson (WatchGuard Sales Engineer Great Lakes)    
A big Than-you to everyone involved in this months' "Lunch and Learn at E.G.Nick's in Lapeer. We had a super turnout of guests, the food was super and the Subject matter and teachers was inspiring. Current Threats to SMB's and educational networks are growing, and keeping ahead of the risks is time consuming and exhausting for many business owners and network administrators. Hands on Learning about WatchGuard's Best Methods of Defense and Abadata's Managed Services was invaluable to all who attended.
Watch this space for the next Lunch and Learn Event!!!!


Top Reasons to Buy WatchGuard

 Network threats can come from anywhere, at any time, and can take you down before you even know they’re there. Uniquely architected to be the industry’s smartest, fastest and most effective network security products, WatchGuard solutions put IT security pros back in charge of their networks with widely deployable, enterprise-grade security and threat visibility tools suitable for any organization, regardless of budget, size, or complexity.

Icon: Enterprise-Grade SecurityEnterprise-Grade Security

 WatchGuard believes that every organization, large or small, should have access to the most effective security technologies on the market. Our unique product architecture enables customers to leverage best-in-class security services from the industry’s most respected brands, minus the cost and complexity of multiple single-point solutions.

Icon: Simplicity Simplicity

 WatchGuard believes simplicity is the key to successful adoption of technology. As such, all WatchGuard products are not only easy to initially configure and deploy, they are also designed with an emphasis on centralized management, making ongoing policy and network management simple and straightforward. Security is complex, running it doesn’t have to be.

Icon: Visibility Visibility

 When it comes to network security, seeing is knowing, and knowing leads to action. WatchGuard’s award-winning Dimension™ threat visibility tool brings big-data visibility to network security, without the associated cost and complexity. It enables busy IT managers to instantly identify problems, set meaningful security policies across the network, and meet compliance standards.

Icon: Future-Proof Future-Proof

WatchGuard’s unique product architecture makes it quick and easy to add new, innovative network security services to their UTM offerings faster than the competition. That same architecture makes it just as easy to upgrade or change existing services as technologies evolve and best practices change – something that would be a massive and time-consuming development project for any of their competitors.

Icon: Performance Performance

Relying on a single security scanning service is no longer an effective network security strategy. Organizations must take a layered approach to security when it comes to protecting their networks. Other manufacturers might offer faster throughput for one single security technology, but WatchGuard’s platform is engineered to deliver the fastest throughput when it matters – with all security engines turned on.
UTM Throughput Comparison Chart
*Independent Miercom testing compared the performance of a WatchGuard Firebox T70 to leading UTM solutions within the midsize and distributed enterprise space and WatchGuard led the field.


 We are really excited about our forthcoming Lunch and Learn!

 Come and have lunch on at at  EG NICKS in Lapeer

WatchGuard Sales Engineer Michael Pearson will join us to discuss and answer Questions about more about advancements in 
the latest Award Winning WatchGuard Technologies  - Firewalls, Security, Protection and Threat Management for your network. 
....and new for 2018- WIPS!  (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System)....

WatchGuard has deployed nearly a million integrated, multi-function threat management appliances worldwide. Their signature red boxes are architected to be the industry's smartest, fastest, and meanest security devices with every scanning engine running at full throttle!

Abadata Corporation has 38 years in the Technology Business! We are based in Michigan - Managed Services are our key component to successful IT for any business, organization, educational facility, library, industry, non profit or even your home!
 We are "Making Technology Magically Easy"
Register here for your seat for Lunch!
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Come join us in Lapeer on June 20th, at noon for a fascinating discussion about how Abadata can help with your network securtiy. Whether it's your school, school district, or business, we can help with all your technology needs! Meet with WatchGuard's top sale's enginer and Abadata's team to see how best to get protected. 


Lunch & Prizes will be Available

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