Are you an experienced level 2 – 3 Network IT technician and tired of battling with city life and traffic? Then we have the perfect job for you!

Abadata is a rural based Company with customers world wide.
We are looking for a unique individual that has experience in networking and operating systems including Microsoft 2012+ servers. 
Experience in Linux, WatchGuard Firewalls, Cisco (firewalls, switches and routers) and other Networks appliances would be extremely useful. 
If you have experience in an ISP environment consider this a plus (however we are not an ISP).  A+ and Network+ are considered as default
certifications (or equivalent).

You must have transportation which you are reimbursed (very well) for and a cell phone including text messaging capabilities.
Obviously, with the above, discipline goes without a question.

We pay very well, offer bonuses at the end of the year, and after a trial period offer benefits.

Contact: Abadata Computer Corporation

Contact: Lindy  - 989 883 3411

(You will also need to download the application for employment form from the Job Opportunities Tab, complete and return to Lindy) 




Customer Advocate – Unique position for a Rare Person!

Customer Solutions – Sales—Customer Advocate

  • ·Are you an empathetic, organized, gregarious and punctual person?
  • ·If you have an enthusiasm for IT –
  • ·If you have a keen mind that loves to create solutions and to learn new things
  • ·If you are an empathetic person that likes to solve problems and help people
  • ·If you can communicate and LISTEN
  • ·If you can act on your own initiative

Then ABADATA has the CAREER for you……

Abadata Computer Corporation is seeking a unique individual with who likes IT

Who loves helping people,  wants to be part of a team has a willingness to learn and a sense of humor!  An enthusiasm for Computer Technology is IT is essential,

Responsibilities include:

  • ·Having an understanding of Abadata’s key products and services,
  • ·Create great customer service by taking care of our customers
  • ·Create / Sell solutions for those services and products
  • ·Be part of an outstanding team

    The successful candidate needs strong people skills, an ability to listen, learn and excellent communication skills, a friendly customer service orientated and good professional attitude, be willing to learn, self disciplined and a team player.

Our most important asset is our people, we place a high value on learning and growth and the wellbeing of our employees. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to become a member of a Quality Corporation with over 35 years experience in the computer industry. 

This position is for an *additional* member to an already experienced team of professionals. The individual must have the ability to share information with his co-workers. The company is not new and has a good reputation for quality service. The work is extremely stable. Pay is dependent on the individuals' knowledge, experience and certifications held. Perks include family health insurance, individual life insurance, paid holidays, very nice working environment and a wonderful group of co-workers

You must have transportation which you are reimbursed (very well) for and a cell phone including text messaging capabilities. Obviously, with the above, discipline goes without a question.

Contact: Abadata Computer Corporation

Contact: Lindy  - 989 883 3411





Abadata's mission is to improve the lives of our customers by communicating their needs, managing their technology and enabling them to focus on their core business.

We are open Monday - Friday
8AM - 5PM

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Making Wireless Technology Magically Easy with Ruckus and Abadata
Who is Ruckus Wireless?  
Ruckus Wireless is a pioneer in the wireless infrastructure market, enabling carriers and enterprises to stay ahead of the exploding demand for high-bandwidth applications and services. The Ruckus Smart Wi-Fi technology redefines what’s possible in wireless network performance with flexibility, reliability, and affordability. As a Ruckus Partner Abadata is able to utilise the Ruckus technology, giving you the customer the best Wireless Infrastructure available today.
What does Ruckus Do?

Ruckus Wireless delivers innovative solutions to the most critical issues facing today's wireless networks: how to create affordable reliability and how to manage exponential growth. Ruckus hardware, software, and services help enterprises and carriers increase the range and reliability of their Wi-Fi networks, reduce the cost of deployment, and ensure consistent performance even in the most challenging environments.

What Problem does Ruckus Solve?
Wireless users have come to expect Wi-Fi performance to be inconsistent and unreliable. This is because interference and other obstacles cause dropped packets that degrade performance. Furthermore, the reliability problem is getting worse with increasingly sophisticated devices and greater demand for video and high-bandwidth applications.

Wireless carriers face the additional challenge of exponential growth. Worldwide, there are over 5 billion mobile subscriptions with nearly 1 billion mobile broadband subscribers. During the next 5 years, global mobile data traffic will grow by 18 times. Carriers are already stretched to handle these volumes of traffic and the problem is getting worse.

What is so unique about Ruckus Technology?

Ruckus takes a different approach than other Wi-Fi technologies. Where others try brute force, Ruckus uses intelligence to steer around any interference and slip past the obstacles. Our "Smart Wi-Fi" technology combines hardware, software, and services to deliver faster wireless connections. Our adaptive antenna arrays and best path selection algorithms direct signals only where they are needed. Our technology is also noteworthy for its simplicity of installation, maintenance, and operation.

What gives Ruckus its Advantage
The Ruckus advantage is the ability to deliver Pervasive Performance™. No other company can deliver a wireless solution as simple, reliable, and affordable. Our technology is so revolutionary, we've been awarded 55 patents with another 80 pending
Ruckus Awards for 2015
Ruckus Wireless BiG DOGs Channel Partner Program Awarded 5-Stars by CRN for 4th Straight Year
CRN names Ron Gill a 2015 CRN Channel Chief, and one of CRN's "50 Most Influential Channel Chiefs


Terms and Conditions

I understand that all services performed by Abadata Computer Corporation, Inc., are subject to Abadata Computer Corporation, Inc. Terms and Conditions of Sale. I understand that I am responsible for all data, settings, licensing and programs contained on the equipment or environment being serviced (which is also outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Sale). I understand that I will be required to pay for any services rendered regardless of the outcome of those services (which is also outlined in the Terms and Conditions of Sale). I acknowledge that Abadata Computer Corporation, Inc. frequently is required to work with products from different manufacturers, including software and hardware products and technologies that incorporate both hardware and software, and that frequently software and hardware technologies may produce undesirable results in an environment that appears to be working perfectly normal when they are integrated. I acknowledge that sometimes hardware and software products have undesirable features that even the manufacturer is not aware of. Further, I acknowledge that no warranty or guarantee has been expressed or implied and that the Terms and Conditions of Sale prevail. I agree to pay for all services and products purchased in the agreed upon time. Finally, I establish and convey a mechanics lien to Abadata Computer Corporation, Inc. incorporating all equipment serviced or affected by such services or equipment rendered until all obligations to Abadata have been fulfilled.

 I agree to these terms and conditions

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