Industry Giants Unite to Permanently Protect Our Children From Technology Threats

November 2nd 2015
Abadata Computer Corporation, a leader in unified communications, have announced that they have strengthened a long-standing partnership with WatchGuard Technologies, the leader in multi-function threat management appliances for large enterprises and private organizations.
These two IT industry titans have joined forces in order to completely revolutionize IT security for schools and educational insititutions forever!! Abadata has created the Abadata WatchGuard® Plus Program, (essentially managed services) which delivers comprehensive threat management that creates an ecosystem for students and educators that permanently solves the ever-evolving IT security problems created by hackers, viruses and other malicious entities. This program was concepted after Abadata spent time learning from over 5,000 school administrators including MACUL 2015 - Detroit, Michigan and REMC Summer Inservice 2015 – both attended by Abadata and WatchGuard as a joint Vendor.
Most schools are drastically uninformed about how vulnerable their networks are to external attacks. Cyber Threats continue to evolve at a faster pace than ever before. For example, Blended threats come from many vectors at once. An attack may start as a phishing email that uses the web to download malware and then communicates data back to the hackers over another network service.
Advanced malware variants grow exponentially every year. Attacks “morph” existing malware to bypass legacy antivitrus protection. (which incidentally is typically two days to two weeks behind). In 2014 alone 143 million new malware variants were reported.
Many schools do not have the knowledge or ability to reassess their IT security needs in similar time frames. Its common knowledge in the IT world that hackers continue to grow and adapt to get around new security measures on a daily basis. The simple truth is that hackers will always have new ways to harm networks and IT will continually require new tools to combat these threats. To be clear, this is not a shortcoming of educators. Their job is to educate youth, inspire growth and lay the foundation for future generations. Needing to learn the latest IT solutions and deploy those solutions across campus is not for the faint hearted!
Every day is a new challenge! There are upwards of 117,339 new attacks every day! And as cyber threats become more sophisticated it becomes easier for hackers to attack smaller targets including educational facilities, schools, libraries, Universities, non-profit organizations, by going after their financial and personal data.
But, hackers are just the tip of the iceburg. Students, administration staff, teaching staff can unwittingly pose even greater threats. USB drives carry and spread malware for example. No restriction of access to inappropriate sites, no ways of preventing “cyber bullying”, or restricting access to certain sites based on user level, protect data, run data backups for example.
In some cases, institutions understand their drastic needs for security and hire a single, full-time staff member to monitor and upkeep their systems and network. However, the growth in the number and violence of cyber threats have made it impossible for a single person to outwit an army of hackers. Companies such as Target have had millions of customer credit card numbers stolen and used for identity theft. Today’s not only businesses but schools, Universities, Libraries and other non-profit organizations need much stronger solutions and this is where WatchGuard and Abadata have an answer for the education industry.
Watchguard Technologies specializes in Unified Threat Management, a comprehensive solution to centralize all security needs. This enables IT staff to have one cental platform to monitor and manage all software tools necessary to create a safe environment for schools. Administrators can restrict access to inappropriate sites, monitor their suite of anti-virus software tools, monitor messaging services to prevent “cyber bullying”, provide or restrict access to certain sites based on user level, protect data, run data backups and so much more.
The reason that this program is so revolutionary is because Abadata is the REMC SAVE Bid Awarded Vendor for Michigan for educational pricing and because of Partnering with WatchGuard Technologies has the ability to solve this problem, once and for all.
It’s no secret that one of the primary reasons that our schools are underprotected is because of their limitations in budget. Typically, these types of solutions can cost tens of thousands,if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to implement. Abadata is partnered with the REMC Association of Michigan, which is an organization that promotes the transformative use of technology and provides Michigan schools with access to educational resources. Abadata is the only Partner in Michigan approved by REMC to distribute WatchGuard Firewall products and equipment to schools across the state of Michigan with discounts on pricing.
With Abadata’s WatchGuard® Plus Program, schools can now purchase this technology in a manner that actually works for their budgets. Instead of requiring schools to make a huge capital expenditure and spend a giant portion of their annual budget to install this technology, they can purchase it as an ongoing monthly service with built-in proactive repairs, improvements and automatic upgrades. This Managed service program takes into consideration that hackers will continue to find new ways of sabotaging schools and the equipment will be swapped out for new and improved technology in the future, WITHOUT altering their monthly bill. For the first time ever, School administrators can have lifelong IT security without seeing a fluctuation in their monthly bill, knowing exactly what it will cost to keep the school safe at all times. This is providing Educational Administrators with the peace of mind that they can budget by month. Start now! Sign up with Abadata today and be protected for the lifetime of the school that fully accounts for future threats. It is the ultimate in peace of mind and is making a giant impact. The company has launched a full awareness campaign to share this program with educators.
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