Most of our customers come through the door at Abadata
but today one little chap decided to make bold move and
crashed into one of our 8ft by 12 ft windows.   We heard
him hit the glass with a thud.

I went outside with a dustpan and brush thinking that we’d
have to clear up a dead bird but when I got to him I found
that he was still breathing.  So, rather than let the seagulls
get him we picked him up and and brought him into the office
where it was a bit warmer.  He sat in one of our carpeted
booths for a while with his eyes closed, (no doubt nursing a
headache)!   After about an hour he perked up and flew up
onto one of our crossbeams in the office whilst we all tried
to work out what type of bird he was!

After a google search we found him –
he is a Blackburnian Warbler

Wikepedia says:  that he can be found around the great lakes
region but this is the first time I’ve ever seen one in Sebewaing. 
|After a while we  encouraged him to go out th rough the front
door, Ray our CTO picked him and put him in the apple tree
outside the door.

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