Network, Server and Managed Services Technician 


Are you an experienced level 2 – 3 Network Technician? Come and join our Great TEAM at Abadata. 

Call Us Today!

Abadata is a an SMB  with 40 years in business in a unique and beautiful part of Michigan.   

If you love IT and love rural life then this is for you!

  • We are looking for a unique individual that has experience in networking and operating systems including Microsoft. 

Experience and or Certifications including: Linux, WatchGuard Firewalls, Cisco (firewalls, switches and routers) and other Networks appliances would be extremely useful. 
If you have experience in an ISP environment consider this a plus (however we are not an ISP).  A+ and Network+ are considered as default certifications (or equivalent).

You must have transportation which you are reimbursed (very well) for and a cell phone including text messaging capabilities. 

Obviously, with the above, discipline goes without a question.

We pay very well, offer bonuses, and after a trial period offer benefits.

Contact: Abadata Computer Corporation

Contact: Lindy  - 989 883 3411

Resumes can also be sent by email to Abadata Computer Corporation This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.





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