Managed services is different from every other product and service line in a company’s line-up of solutions primarily because you (the customer) isn’t just buying technology, but the "operation of technology"  It's not just buying a solution, it is “peace of mind,” and as such, you need assurance that your MSP understands your business.
Abadata does just that! and we have been developing our Managed Service Delivery and Remote Monitoring and Management since 2015.
Keep in mind that before 2010, most managed services were custom built - not a big difference from the break/fix syndrome!  Since 2015 there has been a signicant climb in professional and cusotmizable Remote Management of customers’ technologies, as much as 83% in 2017!  
So what does this mean for Abadata's customers?
To the customer, (that's you) that means the setup, installation and configuration of the equipment will be handled by the service provider. (that's Abadata). Abadata configures the items to best practices, provide ongoing patching and monitoring,  If there is a connectivity or functionality issue, we will work to resolve it after having identified it through our systems, with or without the customer having to tell them to. We can also repair\replace hardware as needed and perform all items under a service licensing agreement (SLA) and then provide reporting that proves adherence to that SLA.
Two of the easiest Managed Services that we offer our customers are:
Helpdesk or service desk is your one stop contact for  IT support and resolution of every day computer issues. For a small monthly fee you gain 24/7 extended business hour support and "help" where and when you need it for your business. 
Remote monitoring and management of servers, desktops and mobile devices is our basic service as a managed services provider.
We are taking you out of the IT business and putting you back in control of your business...   Leave the rest to us!




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