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As a business owner/manager you need tools that help you manage the entire life cycle of desktops, laptops, servers, and virtual machines. Ideally, you want a solution that maximizes your investments and lowers operating costs. Bitdefender enables the efficient delivery of new devices and applications, and ensures that systems are securely managed regardless of location. Our solutions provide the flexibility you need and the freedom your employees want.

What does Abadata Bitdefender give you?

· Ease of management for your business

· Rapid deployment

· Granular licensing  (no minimum license quantity)

· Streamlined license renewal and annual billing

· In short—Comfort and Peace of mind!

Flexible Coverage at a Predictable Cost

· Reduce Costs—Control and lower the running costs of your business technology  

· Protect your Environment—Stop data loss by reducing exposure to ever increasing security threats

· Reduce investments  - in infrastructure, IT staff,  business disruption/downtime

  • Minimize Security Risks -Have Security compliance as part of your Managed Workplace (including HIPAA)

Be confident of  level 2  - 24/7 Bitdefender tech support and protection even as new threats emerge -

In addition to enhancing your security posture and enabling significant cost savings, Bitdefender Managed Security Services as part of the Abadata Monitored/Managed Workplace offers a predictable cost structure that facilitates your operational planning.

Bitdefender can be quickly deployed, ensuring your business quickly benefits from a world class security capability with global, 24x7 coverage and strict service level agreements. Even as new threats emerge you can be confident you are protected and your security operations budget will not be impacted. Have Security compliance as part of your Managed Workplace (including HIPAA)

This is an ideal solution for companies that prefer to use operating expense budget rather than capital acquisition budget for procuring and maintaining their security solutions


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