Dictionary Definition.
managed services provider (MSP) is most often an information technology (IT) services provider
that manages and assumes responsibility for providing a defined set of 
services to its clients either proactively or
as the MSP (not the client) determines that 
services are needed.
  • ·Includes advanced Antivirus for each PC/Workstation
  • ·Includes monitoring integrity and patches
  • ·Remediation: Any routine updates, patches, on each PC/Workstation
  • ·For issues that require intervention - a ticket is created, client is billed separately
  • ·Your PC / Workstation is stored in our inventory database

Help Desk  (8am-6pm—Monday to Friday—Business week) or 24/7/365—Call Abadata 989 883 3411

  • ·Includes everything that is offered in the RMM above
    ·Each PC / Workstation will have an advanced Antivirus application
    ·Each PC / Workstation / device will be monitored
    ·Remediation: Any routine updates, patches,  on each PC / Workstation
    ·For issues that require intervention—a ticket is created, client is billed separately
    ·Currently we are resolving over 80% of PC/Work station issues automatically at no additional cost
    ·Includes dedicated telephone number for your Company to call for support
    ·No waiting, same call, Help Desk support
  • ·To deploy new hardware—client is billed separately
  • ·Projects are billable
  • ·Block hours on Partner Program Agreements are available for projects and any other billable labor.
  • ·Plus Programs are not eligible The highest level of care is already included on plus programs including labor and warranty.

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