Windows 7 will enter its End of Life on Tuesday, January 14, 2020. After that date, Microsoft will no longer offer patches and security updates for Windows 7. That means that any bugs or problems still found in Windows 7 will never get fixed.   
 While many people will have upgraded to Windows 10 years ago, there are still millions of PCs out there that are using Windows 7. With Windows 7 now at its End of Life, it means those PCs need to be upgraded or replaced ASAP.
What Does this Mean for Me?  
After January 14, 2020, you’ll effectively be using a dead operating system. While your PC will continue to work, you’ll be stuck with an operating system that no longer gets patched. If someone finds a nasty bug or security vulnerability in Windows 7, they could easily take advantage of it, putting you at risk. 
It also means new software will likely not work on Windows 7 PCs, which means you’re missing out on new features. Again, if there are bugs and security vulnerabilities in Windows 7 versions of the programs and applications you use, these may never get fixed.

There are lots of solutions out there on the world wide web - not all solutions are recommended or safe!  And NO It is just not recommended to just stay put with windows 7 and keep updating your Anti-Virus :)

Abadata is poised to help!  Call us at 989 883 3411 - we can answer your Windows 7 end of life questions, offer advice, help you with updating  your PC if it is compatible and/or make suitable recomendations to get you in a safer more secure spot.

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