A great feature for our Web Site Customers - and thankyou by the way for your valued custom!  This month we have introduced the new "Healthy Website Report.  This report gets sent out to all our website customers on a regular basis.  It will give you a base idea of your website uptime ratio,  If there are any updates* available for your site and when they have been installed.  Also Backups! the report will inform you of the most recent backups in the last month, 

Updates: include, core CM version updates, component updates, plug ins, applications, new users, administrative logins where applicable.... two examples are shown below. 




Keeping your website up to date and updating your content on a regular basis are the two really important ways of keeping your website healthy. Would you like to know more? 

Call 989 883 3411 ask for Lindy or send an email here





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