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MICHIGAN – May 18, 2023 – Abadata Computer Corp., a leading Managed Technology Service Provider (MTSP), is excited to announce the launch of its new managed data backup services with flexible solutions that prioritizes cloud-based storage while also offer-ing the option for on-site replication, catering to the varying needs of small to mid-sized busi-nesses (SMBs). This managed data backup solution is optimized for peak performance, reli-ability, and efficiency, which are key to ensure optimal backup and recovery.

As the value of sensitive-client data continues to increase, organizations are finding new ways to secure their clients’ information in in the most reliable way possible. While many businesses operate with on-site backup appliances, a hybrid approach combining cloud and on-site storage can help mitigate risks associated with obsolescence and inefficiency. Abadata’s cloud-first approach eliminates the need for on-site backup devices alto-gether, allowing SMBs to backup their data, receive patches, maintenance and upgrades.

Dave Wineman, President of Abadata, stated, “Organizations can optimize their backup investments by leveraging managed data backup services, which ensure data secu-rity and immediate recoverability while offering the flexibility of cloud-first and on-site replica-tion options.” By leveraging Abadata’s data backup services customers can efficiently man-age server, workstation, and Microsoft 365® backups and recoveries for multiple locations or customers from a single web-based dashboard. Performing cloud-first data backups translates to significant cost and time savings while ensuring customers' data remains accessible and protected.

One of the biggest drawbacks of data backup is when the process is inefficiently managed. For example, if the customer’s managed services provider or their IT department decides to perform a data backup during work hours, it could strain network resources or in-terrupt bandwidth for other employees on the network. The best data backup systems utilize deduplication and incremental backup capabilities to move up to 60 times less data than conventional image backup products, enabling organizations to back up their data more frequently without causing the aforementioned network issues. This is important because most companies are so competitive that they cannot afford to reduce the productivity of all other employees due to inefficient IT practices. This solution minimizes bandwidth usage, making daily backups small, lightweight, and cost-effective.

Wineman added, “Every single IT system that an organization implements needs to take cybersecurity into consideration. Cybercriminals have unprecedented access to artificial intelligence-based cybercrime software and it’s vital that any data backup solution takes security very seriously.” For businesses that want to create an additional layer of security, it’s important that files are encrypted using a 256-bit encryption to secure files both in transit and at rest to ensure data privacy, which is exactly how Abadata’s new managed data backup solution is configured. This gives management the ability to restrict certain data so that only authorized personnel can access encrypted data with their private key. Additionally, the cloud-first managed data backup solution uses ISO-certified data centers which are located worldwide, with region-specific certifications to maintain strict security and compliance standards.

Abadata's managed data backup solution is a revolutionary cloud-first data protection solution that offers companies a highly efficient and secure way to safeguard their clients' valuable data. By embracing the power of the cloud, Abadata delivers top-notch data protection services, helping their customers stay ahead in the competitive managed services market.

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